Us2.v1 supports cardiovascular disease diagnostics by providing machine learning based solutions that analyze and interpret echocardiograms, which are ultrasound images of the heart, creating patient reports, at scale, on mobile, on premises and cloud-based platforms.
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Last updated: Dec. 20, 2023

General Information

Product name Us2.v1
Subspeciality Cardiac
Modality Ultrasound
Disease targeted Heart disease, Pulmonary Hypertension
Key-features Automated measurements include 2-dimensional (cardiac volumes, all 4 chambers of the heart), M-mode (e.g. tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion), spectral Doppler (blood flow across all valves, both PW and CW measurements) and tissue Doppler
Suggested use During: perception aid (prompting all abnormalities/results/heatmaps), report suggestion

Technical Specifications

Data characteristics
Population Vast majority of adult transthoracic echocardiograms. Not intended for reporting measurements associated with valve disease, pericardial disease, or right-sided hemodynamics (e.g. estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure); intra-cardiac lesions (e.g. tumours, thrombi); and will not report measurements for complex adult congenital heart disease.
Input Transthoracic echocardiography
Input format DICOM
Output Patient report, editable image annotations, comparison to international reference guidelines
Output format DICOM SR, PDF, CSV
Integration Integration in standard reading environment (PACS), Integration CIS (Clinical Information System), Integration via AI marketplace or distribution platform, Stand-alone third party application, Stand-alone webbased
Deployment Locally on dedicated hardware, Locally virtualized (virtual machine, docker), Cloud-based, Hybrid solution
Trigger for analysis Automatically, right after the image acquisition, On demand, triggered by a user through e.g. a button click, image upload, etc.
Processing time 1 - 10 minutes


Certified, Class IIb , MDR
FDA 510(k) cleared , Class II
Intended Use Statements
Intended use (according to CE) Us2.v1 is a software platform that automatically processes, analyses and makes measurements on acquired transthoracic cardiac ultrasound images, producing a full report with measurements of several key cardiac structural and functional parameters. The data produced by this software is intended to be used to support qualified cardiologists, sonographers, or other licensed professional healthcare practitioners for clinical decision- making. Us2.v1 is indicated for use in adult patients. Us2.v1 has not been validated for the assessment of congenital heart disease, valve disease, pericardial disease, and/or intra- cardiac lesions (e.g. tumours, thrombi).


Market presence
On market since 06-2022
Distribution channels Blackford, Aidoc aiOS, Viz Platform, Eureka Clinical AI, Nuance PIN
Countries present (clinical, non-research use) USA, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore
Paying clinical customers (institutes)
Research/test users (institutes)
Pricing model Subscription
Based on Number of analyses


Peer reviewed papers on performance

  • Reducing echocardiographic examination time through routine use of fully automated software: a comparative study of measurement and report creation time (read)

  • Nurse-led home-based detection of cardiac dysfunction by ultrasound: results of the CUMIN pilot study (read)

  • External validation of a deep learning algorithm for automated echocardiographic strain measurements (read)

  • A formal validation of a deep learning-based automated workflow for the interpretation of the echocardiogram (read)

  • Automated interpretation of systolic and diastolic function on the echocardiogram: a multicohort study (read)

Non-peer reviewed papers on performance
Other relevant papers

  • OPERA-AI: Artificial Intelligence Reporting of Handheld Echocardiography in Suspected Heart Failure (read)

  • Democratizing Echocardiography with Augmented Intelligence (read)