A third of all chest x-rays in the UK to be read with help of AI

annalise-cxr (3).png

Annalise.ai has been selected as the preferred provider of chest x-ray AI in six imaging networks.

The UK’s AI Diagnostic Fund (AIDF), a £21 million (€24.7 million) initiative within the NHS, aims to fast-track the adoption of AI in clinical practice. A total of 11 imaging networks covering 64 NHS trusts across England will benefit from this fund. As part of this, Annalise.ai will provide AI support to more than a third of the country's chest radiography load, mainly aimed at earlier and better lung cancer detection.

Given the urgent issue of radiologist shortages in the UK, the AI solutions implemented through AIDF are expected to enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline clinical workflows. A major milestone for clinical AI adoption in the UK!

Press release Annalise.ai.