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It’s time to celebrate! We have reached a milestone of 200 products on our platform AIforRadiology.com, the most comprehensive overview of CE marked artificial intelligence (AI) based products in radiology. Also, we learned this week that the associated paper on the initial 100 products was the second most downloaded paper of European Radiology in 2021!

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Intro to Medical Software textbook

A must read for software developers, researchers, start-up founders, and anyone else who is developing or has the ambition to develop software for healthcare.


HelloAI course

HelloAI courses are designed for healthcare professionals who wish to bring AI to clinical practice. It involves self-paced online lessons as well as a live online session.


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A shoutout to the book authors and publisher and the HelloAI organizers for sponsoring the prices, many thanks!

About AIforRadiology

The platform www.AIforRadiology.com is the most comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence based tools for radiology. All products listed are CE marked and available for clinical use. With this platform we aim to increase transparency of the market and ease product procurement. AI for Radiology is an academic, independent initiative by the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.