Strategic partnership between DeepHealth and Incepto


At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024, DeepHealth and Incepto announced a strategic partnership. DeepHealth, a wholly owned subsidiary of RadNet, is relatively new to the market. It recently rebranded Quantib's prostate AI and Aidence's lung AI as Saige Prostate and Saige Lung, respectively, and unified them under the DeepHealth brand.

More common is that AI platforms like Incepto adopt AI algorithms from vendors like DeepHealth. But in this case it is the other way around.

This alliance will allow DeepHealth to integrate Incepto's advanced AI orchestration platform into the DeepHealth Operating System (OS) portfolio. In addition, DeepHealth plans to enlarge its offerings by integrating the curated portfolio of AI solutions from Incepto. The collaboration aims to expand access to a comprehensive AI-powered portfolio, including integrated clinical AI solutions and workflow tools, to address a variety of challenges faced by radiologists and their teams.

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