Updates to Health AI Register April 2024


Blackford adds Lucida's Prostate Intelligence and Annalise’s CXR and CTB solutions to its portfolio.

Us2.ai received FDA clearance for US2.v2, their AI application for diagnostic review, analysis and reporting of echocardiographic DICOM images. Us2.v2 automatically generates quantitative echocardiographic measurements.

Densitas has released a new application: intelliMaven, which tracks technologist performance and provides personalized feedback and recommendations to help technologists meet their training needs.

CARPL.ai adds Brainscan CT to its portfolio of AI applications.

More detailed product specifications have been added for Quibim's recently launched QP-Liver.

Mediaire has launched a product update for mdbrain version 4.11, including the possibility to detect metastases and meningiomas for a precise tumor monitoring.